Cottage Revival

Previous Remodel

The Before Picture: Over-grown landscaping, out-dated paint colors, and generally poor street appeal.

The After Picture: New paint and landscaping. I did the same for the rear yard and patio.

Before the Remodel: Actually, this home was cleaned up a bit before I got around to taking this picture. The ceiling was severely “bowed” downward, and the entry into the kitchen was poorly located. The walls and floor were also in poor shape.

After the Remodel: New fireplace, new paint, repaired ceiling and walls, and installed new oak hardwoods. Also, moved the entry into the kitchen which created more counter space and improved “flow”.

Nice light and new living room.

Before the Remodel: This kitchen had to go. And the old kitchen entry location limited counter space.

After the Remodel: New everything: solid maple cabinets, black granite slab, oak hardwoods, and moving the kitchen entry was a great thing to do (my wife’s idea).

Before the Remodel: Old and actually quite “gross” when viewed in person.

After the Remodel: Lengthened the counter and added a dishwasher. Not “gross” anymore.

Before the Remodel: Notice the kitchen eating area in the back corner.

After the Remodel: New kitchen eating area also has a new rear door to the patio.

Before the Remodel: The Rec Room: Old wood on the walls and ceiling. The lower portion of the walls were concrete. The office area in the back also needed sprucing up.

After the Remodel: The Rec Room: New drywall everywhere. The office in the back was also updated. Plus, a new natural gas furnace was installed.

Before the Remodel: The Rec Room: View of it looking the other direction. Notice the 1/2 bathroom in the back.

After the Remodel: The Rec Room: New drywall and a new 1/2 bath. Also moved the furnace ducting up into the ceiling.

Before the Remodel: The old laundry area.

After the Remodel: The new laundry area. Nice, new and clean.


 Previous Remodel

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