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About This Seattle Home BuyerAbout This Seattle Home BuyerSeattle Home Buyer – My Personal Story

I have lived in Seattle all my life. In my early twenties I spent some time working at several other occupations which included a couple of years at Boeing, remodeling and construction, and a few others.

I learned a lot having a variety of jobs and experiences. I then went to college, taking mostly business courses. But I was still searching for what I wanted to do professionally.

All my life I’ve been drawn to real estate in one way or another. As a child I was often involved in various home remodeling projects with my father. He wore a suit and tie to work, but on the weekends he enjoyed working with his hands. I enjoyed our projects together and learned the basics.

After my college days I decided to finally listen to “that inner voice”. I always enjoyed the varied aspects of real estate. Why don’t I buy a fixer upper?

Well, during a hot summer over 20 years ago I purchased my first fixer upper. It was a pretty sorry looking house, with no foundation, termite and carpenter ant damage, dry-rotted porches, animal odors, and siding that had not been painted in decades. I spent the summer working on it and was quite proud of my first remodel. The neighbors loved it. I then sold it to a nice family. It gave me pleasure to see the buyers so happy about their new home.

That clinched it for me. For over 20 years now I’ve been purchasing homes all over the greater Seattle area.

seattle real estate investorThough some people come and go in this town, my wonderful wife and I will always live right here, in this jewel by the sea – Seattle.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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